Viven Chiu

Viven Chiu |

Artist’s Statement

Passion is hardly tempered, creativity is barely disciplined; Instead of guiding them, let them driven you…

Art is no boundary, inspiration is no definition; Instead of controlling them, let them provoke you…

Art provokes a deep response in my heart, echoing my urge to create. I go with my passion, and let my creative concept take charge. I believe in using a diversified range of media to represent art. This may be somewhat against a traditional view to find a signature style or take interest only in one medium. I simply cannot divide the love between them. I love the different opportunities and feelings offered by different materials and different means.

In sculpture, a seemingly endless process of making and sculpting, such that at the end of its creation, all the love and passion feels embodied within it.

My art tends to evolve from a complex theme, then to be expressed simply. Separate features start to form symmetry. Flowing but voluminous, calm yet sensuous, to let the opposing elements become syncretistic, or even to merge as one. I never stop searching for a balance in life and art. Through art, I see myself. My main theme of creating art – is to have the public’s heart interact with mine.