Tary Majidi

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Artist Statement

I believe I embody the true meaning of an international artist. I was born in Tehran, Iran and left my home at the age of 19. I started sketching in my youth and later developed my style and media when I pursued my Masters of Art in India at the New Delhi Art College in 1991. Upon attaining my degree, I still did not feel fulfilled and continued learning different art techniques with various media in the United Arab Emirates such as work on silk and batik painting on handmade paper.

I settled in Vancouver, Canada in 2000 and decided to continue educating myself in modern art style at Langara College and also took sculpting classes. This was a new direction of art for me and allowed me to express myself following a personal tragedy in a whole new spectrum. I was able to reflect 3-dimensional ideas with a more hands-on approach in my work. In recent years, I express and create my new ideas mainly with mixed media and sculptures, incorporating oriental and modern art styles. My painting media includes acrylic with mixed media and my sculptures are made from Patinated Terracotta.

Through my thirty years of experience and the wide array of techniques I have learnt, I have been able to infuse aspects of varying styles into my current work. I also use pieces of nature in my work, such as sand, leaves, salt, and fibres. I enjoy art because I can express myself and tell stories with my creations. My artwork represents aspects of peace, love, unity, humanity and nature. I express factions in society in the dimensions, colour choices of my paint and the bond and beauty of human beings in my sculptures. The ropes used in my mixed media paintings represent the chains of life one must break through. My artwork reflects the pain present in society, the scars of humanity, and also the beauty of the world around us.

I currently am a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and Sculptors’ Society of British Columbia. I have been involved in many fundraising and charity events across the globe along with various art exhibitions. I also teach art and hold workshops at my studio as well as in schools and community centers.

To purchase or commission a sculpture, please contact the artist directly or email us at inquiries@ssbc.ca.