Sylvia Escobedo ~ Tel: +1 778.837.7619

Artist Statement

I have loved doing sculpture since I first started playing with clay; and have always wanted to portray both the physical beauty and inner spirit of different people of the world. Through my sculptures, I try to bring to life the ethnic cultures of various human races while breathing into each figure an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Because of my Mexican cultural background but also extensive travels and long sojourns in different continents has been the inspiration for my work.

Born in Mexico City I studied drawing and painting at Instituto de Arte de Mexico under the guidance of internationally recognized artist, Alfredo Guati Rojo.

In 1982, I moved with my family to Canada where I studied sculpture after meeting Victoria B.C. sculptor Peggy Walton Packard — an inspiring and motivating teacher marking an important change from painting to sculpture.

I lived in Japan from 1991 to 1995, where I continued to sculpt at the University of Fukushima under Professor Kikuo Shirasawa. The quiet strength of Japanese culture has indeed been a source of great inspiration. While there I had a solo show of ink drawings on bark paper which the Sato gallery owner found very original and invited me to exhibit my work.

I have shown my work in Vancouver since I became a member of Sculptors’ Society of British Columbia. As well, I have exhibited at various galleries but mostly at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens where I have sold several pieces.

Since 1996, I have lived mostly in Vancouver though I spend time in beautiful San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, second winter home to many US and Canadian artists. I also go to Paris where I visit part of my family and enjoy admiring the art that that wonderful city has offered throughout the centuries.

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