Parvaneh Roudgar Sculptor

Parvaneh Roudgar |

Artist’s Statement

I moved to Canada in 1999 from Florence, Italy. I began studying Art in 1986 at The Artistic Lyceum in Florence, Italy. After this, I continued studying with Professor Antonio Di Tommaso and Professor Marcello Fantoni and later completed further studies at Universita’ Eta’ Libera and also Istituto Di Porta Romana in Florence, Italy.

In 2009, my work ‘Cosmos Flower’ was one of the winners of the outdoor sculpture competition for BC and Washington sculptures organized by the city of Anacortes, Washington.

I started teaching sculpture in Florence from 1995 and has been modeling and teaching in Greater Vancouver since 2001. In this time, she has held exhibitions locally as well as in Europe, USA, and the Middle East. Her latest exhibition was in the Agora Gallery in New York.

With art I came to know my true self through my strengths and weaknesses. When I work I must be honest with my nature in order to be creative and original.

I think that life is like a river flowing. Every time I wash my hands in this river I have different feelings due to ever changing motion of its waters. Every work I made is an expression of these feelings. I feel happy within myself when I acknowledge and accept the changing nature of my thought and feelings and witnessing the flow of my river of life.