Louise S. Weir

louisesoleckiweir.com ~ louise.s.weir@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Dance, performance, art therapy and forensic sculpture are my background and the mix informs my current sculptural practice. I am interested in portraying psychological truth in my portraits. Because of this, my work has a certain presence, beyond simple likeness.

When not working on portraits and commissions, I find myself examining the struggle of contemporary humanity to find our place in nature and history. My work includes archetypal images that can be unsettling yet they are finely modelled, expressive objects of beauty. My sculptures, paintings and portraits are found in private collections in Canada, the UK and the USA.

My work is currently featured in the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver. I have taught sculpture at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby and a selection of my portraits can also be found at the Power Motivation and Achievement Centre where I still occasionally engage residents as models. I have recently completed a large monument of Pope John Paul II for the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver and a bust of his Honourable Chief Justice Allan McEachern for the Lawcourts in Vancouver. My work is available to view at 1000 Parker St. Suite 410, by appointment.

To purchase or commission a sculpture, please contact the artist directly or email us at inquiries@ssbc.ca.