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Artist Statement

My approach centres primarily on the polymorphic representation of the body in clay, a medium that is at once the cradle of humankind and its first medium of artistic expression.

My works draws on my thorough knowledge of anatomy, enriched by my experience as a dancer. I seek to capture the ephemeral movement and fleeting emotion stemming from the balance, beauty and energy of the body. This evolution is captured and evolves through space and projects the soul by playing with volumes, lines and compositions that border on abstraction and lead matter to defy gravity.

Several of my works are cast in bronze, but most of them are unique one of a kind, clay creations that have been kiln-fired up to four times. Their unique glaze is the result of intensive research that I have conducted on enamels, thus developing innovative combinations of minerals and oxides.

Born in Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada in 1963, Joël A. Prévost launched his artistic career in British Columbia, in contemporary dance, then went to Nova Scotia to study community development.

In western Canada, Joël worked with non-profit organizations. He also acted as a promoter and producer of cultural events for art galleries and jazz clubs. At the same time, over this 10 year period, he taught himself how to sculpt.

In 2006, Joël settled in Montreal. In 2009, he established the Atelier de Sculpture du Village. Here he taught sculpture using live models for students at different levels. His students encompassed in particular, professional artists and 3D designers seeking to perfect their skills in rendering the human form.

He subsequently returned to Vancouver Island in 2017.

His works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and China.

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