Jean Guy Dallaire Sculptor

Jean Guy Dallaire |

Artist’s Statement

In 1985, after returning from several exhibitions in New York I was walking along Jericho Beach and I found stones, pebbles and concretions, which I had never noticed before. They reminded me of bones; similar to those I had seen in a book on the work of British sculptor, Henry Moore.

My search continued further and soon the shelves on the wall of my garage studio became filled with these concretions. I categorized them by shape — spheres, animal forms, heads, spindles and hollow forms. Eventually I developed a liking for some more than others and it was with those that I composed new sculptural works. Friends who came by and saw me working would ask “Is this another Wreck Beach original?” after the location where I had found most of my materials.

So the collection came to be known as the “Wreck Beach Originals” and was exhibited in Greater Vancouver. While most were cast in bronze, more recently I have enjoyed making plaster reproductions. Although fragile, they convey the same feeling of intimacy and warmth. Collectors have told me that having a Wreck Beach Original in their home seems to offer a primordial oceanic feeling of peace and tranquility.