James Fletcher


Artist Statement

I have always been swept away by the roar of the creative unconscious mind; there I experiment with both life and art – a delightful surprise full of multiple meanings, symbols and metaphors, mystery – the real and the surreal…

I am a self-taught sculptor who at the age of three, experimented with mud; at age six, I discovered the beach and built sand castles; and at age nine I mastered the art of creating mashed potato sculptures at the dinner table. After thirty years of teaching high school visual arts and theatre arts, I retired to my Vancouver studio where I continue to participate in the annual East Side Culture Crawl. My sculptural works are shown at the Patrick John Mills Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario. There I carved stone works outside for public view as a resident artist for a month-long period. I continued with this program for three consecutive years.

The style of my works range from spontaneous surreal and sensual organic forms with humour to allegorical realistic human figures.

I continue to experiment and sculpt in stone, direct wax into bronze, porcelain clay, wood and paper.

To purchase or commission a sculpture, please contact the artist directly or email us at inquiries@ssbc.ca.