Diane Roy

www.fibreart.ca  ~ droy.fibreart@gmail.com

Artist Statement

I was raised in Northern Quebec in a vast, flat area covered in muskeg and forests. When I moved to Western Canada the striking beauty of the landscape and ocean fascinated me.

What I saw in the shallow waters and what rises from the depths had a wonderful, mystical character, which inspired me. I am deeply concerned with the fate of our world and the creatures that inhabit it.

The first period “ Aquazone” is a marine metaphor that can be seen as parentheses in the flow of confusion in which we live. The absence of colour is voluntary. Black and white uniting in a symbiotic relationship alternatively symbolizes life and death.

The consequence of our behaviour on the environment and the alarming impact that reverberates around the world governs my art and to a large extend my inner self. I used a variety of techniques: knots, bends, weaving and crochet. I work instinctively and choose material that catches my attention when the idea arises.

In my latest work, I introduce colours and synthetic recycled material. My challenge is to compose with art and nature.

To purchase or commission a sculpture, please contact the artist directly or email us at inquiries@ssbc.ca.