David Dumbrell

www.daviddumbrell.com ~ info@daviddumbrell.com

Artist Statement

Throughout my life mechanical movement and moving forms have always fascinated me. Later in life, I realized the combination of these two is known as automata. Now that I have retired from a career in woodworking, I am fortunate to be able to dedicate my time to the pursuit of this art form. Starting out with a small project as a gift to a friend, my obsession has grown into a collection of moving figures.

Initially working with wood, I am now incorporating metalworking into my work. I am constantly challenging myself to try out different materials and processes to make my work more intricate and more entertaining. The technical aspects of a project drive me as much as the visual and creative parts. With everyday characters and scenes as my inspiration, I do not foresee an end to my aspirations.

To see the pieces in motion and for further inquiries: www.daviddumbrell.com

To purchase or commission a sculpture, please contact the artist directly or email us at inquiries@ssbc.ca.