Alen Fox

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Artist Statement

I made my first sculpture when I was 12. I always love to create and inspire something that has been around for months, and we did not care about it until we transformed it into a beautiful element. In fact we’re giving them the soul that they never had. This is the most beautiful change in an object during its lifetime. The more beautiful and accurate they are, the more meaningful connection between the viewer and the sculptor we have. I think this is the most amazing thing to do.

Besides making sculptures, I’ve got bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning. I was teaching at the Bahonar University of Shiraz and working at Management Beautification of Shiraz/Iran Municipality. Came to Canada in 2007 and during the time that I was visiting my family in Iran I started to collect old Persian patterns which are practical and helpful for the sculptors, artists and students to get more ideas in their works. Therefore, I have published them as a book which is called “Persian Designs of Eslimi and Illuminated Flowers and Chicken”.

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