Past Members

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are recognized for their significant contribution to and support of the Sculptors’ Society of BC. The names listed below were selected upon merit and recommendation of the SSBC Board of Directors and fellow SSBC Sculptors.

Dudley Carter (1891-1992)
Chris Charnel
Alan Chung (1946-1994)
David Crompton
Jim Cummins
Jean-Guy Dallaire (1943-2023)
David Eeles
Joan Gambioli
Tresham Gregg
Joseph Hecel
Jean Higginbotham
Elek Imredy (1912-1984)
Gerard Juchum
Bill Koochin (1927-2017)
Prudence Leach
Charles Lepage
Roy C. Lewis
David Marshall (1928-2006)
Georganna Malloff
Marshall Mar
Peter Ochs (1931-2004)
David Ruben
George Schmerholz
Doug Senft (1950-2012)
Svend Soreson
Greg Stephenson
Otakar Suchy
(Chief) Saul Terry
Bernard Thor
Werner True
Cliff Vincenzi
Mike Webb

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