Sam Michael Hesse Sculptor

Sam Michael Hesse |

Artist’s Statement

I grew up a fourth generation goldsmith ‘to be’, but after being introduced to stone in 2003, I fell in love with the medium. I had been exposed to sculpture through travel around the globe, many varied themes and subjects, and it was transformation, animism and myth that I connected with most. My father was a master goldsmith, and I’ve had many great teachers over the years, though I’ve never gone to art school.

I’ve worked on sculpture commissions in Italy and China, and independently studied transformation and animism in Canada’s Nunavut, and the Pacific Northwest Coast, as well as New Zealand.

As a scientist in academia (which has been put on the back burner for many years) I found great satisfaction in writing and researching subjects in immunology and the philosophy of science, which took me to Australia, Greece, and New Zealand, to the Universities in Canberra, Iraklio, and Auckland, respectively. These days, art and science studies are united in creative university curriculum.

My sculpture work has been shown with Fairmont Hotels, Cambridge House International Conferences, and galleries around Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary and Vancouver Island.

The cormorant is a personal symbol of transformation, so I created his myth.