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Artist’s Statement

Richard Marcus has been developing as an artist for the past 40 years. In the last 30 years of this exploration he has been doing it hand in hand with prehistoric mammoth ivory. Together they have seen the astonishment, the wonder and the emotional connection of people who saw into his medium.

Tears – there are no higher accolades.

Richard Marcus has achieved an international reputation for his colourful mosaic sculptures and designer jewellery. Using the broken shards of ancient mammoth tusks, this Canadian sculptor has revitalized a forgotten precious material and created a contemporary work of art to be treasured as much for its beauty as for its history.

Richard Marcus always considered his 3-dimensional mosaic creations as “paintings”, the semi precious stones as the colour on his palette and the grain and cracks of the pieces of ivory as his brushstrokes. This persistent perception has now taken him into a 2-dimensional format evolving into murals. Currently his focus is on creating a series of murals titled “City-Scapes” – local as well as internationally known structures.

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Visits to Richard’s studio may be prearranged either by phone 604-315-5533 or e-mail