Geert Maas Sculptor

Geert Maas |

Artist’s Statement
I work at various levels of abstraction, always retaining something figurative. I aspire for harmonious composition. Angular planes counterbalance rounded forms. My work must achieve balance and be emotionally evocative and technically sound.

I often employ the human form to create universal simplified images that are as eternal as prehistoric art. Many of my pieces examine fundamental social questions and reflect my fascination with the human condition.

I was born in The Netherlands, where I attended the Academy of Art (Vrije Academie) and The Kijkduin Academy in The Hague, and was awarded diplomas for teaching applied art, painting and drawing. My disciplines include sculpture in various media, reliefs, medallic art and painting. I immigrated to Canada in 1979 and established the internationally acclaimed Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens and Gallery in Kelowna, British Columbia exclusively showing my artworks. The gardens and gallery feature one of the largest collections of bronze sculptures in Canada. Also on display are sculptures, installations, and wall sculptures in a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, granite, copper, stoneware, multimedia, wood, cast stone, paintings, medals, serigraphy, and etchings.

My work has been shown in New York, London, Paris, and in major exhibitions in more than a dozen countries. It is represented in fifty prestigious public and corporate art collections, also in numerous private collections in thirty-eight countries.