Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of membership with the Sculptors’ Society of BC?

There are exhibitions sponsored by the SSBC as well as the opportunity to network and connect with other professional sculptors. At our monthly meetings, members can connect with each other on a variety of topics including materials sourcing, fabrication tips and other advice in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
As well, members enjoy year-round promotion of their work though the Society, which features inclusion on our website and other media.

Are there different levels of membership?

Yes, currently the Society features three levels of membership — full, associate and student.

What are the annual dues?

The annual fee for full membership is $75. Associate membership is $40. Student memberships are $20.

Does the Sculptors’ Society of BC sell works for their members?

The SSBC doesn’t directly sell work as would a professional gallery but we do offer exhibition opportunities at which sculptors can sell their work.